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If you wish to join Anjoman you must complete and post the enclosed Application Form: click here to download an Application Form.

There are two categories of Membership:
Open to individuals over the age of 21 years
£120 per annum

Premium membership of Anjoman is open to all individuals over the age of 21, who are or have been engaged in business or the professions.

Applications for premium membership should be supported by two current members of Anjoman. Space has been provided on the form where the applicant should obtain the signature of a “Proposing Member” and a “Seconding Member”.

Once completed, the Application Form together with your Annual Premium Membership Fees should be sent to the address indicated on the form.

The Board of Management will consider each application at its next Board Meeting and its decision will be formally notified to the applicant by the Secretary of Anjoman.

Successful applicants will also be recognized and welcomed by an announcement in the following Monthly Meeting of Anjoman.


Open to all businesses/corporates. Corporate membership entitles up to three persons from a company to the benefits of Anjoman membership
£300 per annum

Anjoman members benefit from discounted charges for the attendance of the Monthly Meetings. Typically, the cost of entry to the Monthly Meetings is £40 for premium members, and £50 for guest members.

Premium members are given priority to promote their businesses and/or professional activities during Monthly Meetings and other events. Premium members may also showcase their products and services in either the Monthly Meetings during the pre-dinner session, or through taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities offered by Anjoman.

Premium members are treated preferentially for all Anjoman meetings and events in situations where, due to over-booking, a waiting list procedures is being operated.

Only premium members are eligible to serve on the Board of Anjoman. Please see Anjoman's Constitution for details of eligibility.

Above all, by virtue of premium membership and subsequent participation, each member ensures that Anjoman thrives as an organization dedicated to the promotion of the British-Iranian Business and Professional community in the United Kingdom.


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